At this point we all know that facts. The statistics and evidence are high, accurate and a bit concerning. The job we face everyday as firefighters comes with the risk of exposing ourselves to cancer causing carcinogens. Firefighters and Fire Officers across the country, heck, across the world are beginning to pay closer attention to importance of onscene decon and post fire cleansing.

We we’re pretty excited to see this blog post from on 5 Things Fire Officers Can Do To Enhance Crew Safety. Can you guess what #3 on the list was? Thats right, Stock Wet Wipes In The Apparatus – and we’re thinking if you’re going to be keeping a stock of wet wipes around, why not stock up on the Onscene Decon Wipes that were designed for firefighters by firefighters?

3. Stock wet wipes in the apparatus – More and more research is detailing the dangerous chemicals we’re exposed to on the fireground, and the cancer risks that result. The good news is, decon doesn’t have to be a highly complex procedure. In a post-event survey, several TAMPA2 participants took the cancer message to heart and began carrying wet wipes on their apparatus for on-scene skin cleaning. Getting the chemicals off your skin as soon as possible reduces your exposure and, potentially, your risk of developing firefighting-related cancers.