Firewipes are designed specifically to meet our needs for on-scene decon, field decon and personal hygiene. They are an eight by twelve cleansing towelette, industrial strength and biodegradable.

Firewipes are safe to use on all external dermal areas, are safe to use on your SCBA mask, and leave no oily or sticky residue. They have no harmful chemicals, no lung or eye irritants. They are hypoallergenic, no added fragrance, latex free and alcohol free. They are packaged airtight and can be stored in coolers to be utilized for rehab and On-Scene decon.

Firewipes are individually packaged to prevent cross contamination and dehydration. They have user friendly packaging and are easy to deploy.

How to Use Fire Wipes…


Start with cleaning your eyelids and the corners of your eyes.


Next, wipe down your forehead, cheeks and jawline.


Then wipe down the rest of your neck, front and back.


Move on to wiping down your ears and your hair. Next, clean your forearms and your wrists.


Finally, wipe down your hands.


You may also wipe down your underarms and groin as they are high absorption points.

**Please dispose of the contaminated wipe appropriately when finished.

Utilizing fire wipes after an incident helps you to remove fireground contaminants from the skin and minimize your exposure. Firewipes do not replace the need to take a shower, but they do give you the ability to perform field decon until a shower is available. Thank you for taking and time to learn about Firewipes.