Wipe down the risk – together

#WIPEDOWNTHERISK is more than just a hashtag. It’s an instrument of change that can help promote a positive “shift of culture” in the fire service through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

By using this hashtag, we can show support for those individuals and departments that are adapting to new safety practices and procedures. Together we can all #WIPEDOWNTHERISK

The suggested use of the Firewipes® to perform personal gross decon is:

  • Open wipe to full size – It is important to utilize the entire surface area of the wipe to maximize cleaning efficiency.
  • Wipe down immediately after exposure – removing contaminates early reduces your exposure to the harmful chemicals – which reduces the risk.
  • Start at the neck, jaw, throat, and face – these areas are more prone to exposure and have some of the highest absorption rates of the skin.
  • Make sure to clean the tiny crevices of the skin – Being aware particulates can accumulate around the eyes, nose, and ears.
  • Continue to the other areas of the skin that are also prone to exposure, including the hands, wrists, lower extremities, and groin.
  • When both sides of the wipe become soiled during the process, use additional wipes as needed.
  • Discard properly after use, never dispose in toilets or Porta-Potties.
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