7th Annual Salt River Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb
Respect. Reflect. With Every Step.

Firewipes was proud to be a sponsor of this event this year.

The National Fallen Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs

The NFFF 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs is a way to honor and remember the FDNY firefighters who selflessly gave their lives so that others might live on September 11, 2001. Each participant pays tribute to a FDNY firefighter by climbing the equivalent of the 110 stories of the World Trade Center. Your individual tribute not only remembers the sacrifice of a FDNY brother, but symbolically completes their heroic journey to save others. Through firefighter and community participation we can ensure that each of the 343 firefighters is honored and that the world knows we will never forget.

The Stair Climbs fund the programs provided by the NFFF to support the families of your local fallen firefighters and the FDNY Counseling Services Unit.

For more information visit:

NFFF Website: https://nfff.akaraisin.com/ui/saltriver23
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saltriver911stairclimb/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/srfdstairclimb/